Why Men Should Grow Beards

For a time, beards disappeared from modern men’s fashion and were seen as unprofessional and unnecessary. In the past, people who could afford to shave were thought to be of a higher class and often appeared more successful in general. Today, the opposite has slowly begun to happen with men of all classes growing beards as a mark of attractiveness, professionalism, and adulthood. In accordance with this change, people began to receive beards positively, seeing men with such facial hair as more successful, attractive, and generally more trustworthy. If you still hesitate about trying out a bit of facial hair, you simply need to look as some of the health reasons that you benefit from a beard.

UV Radiation

In Australia, residents experience extreme heatwaves throughout the summer, especially in the southern states. With temperatures reaching 30 degrees by 7am, many men might incorrectly believe beards to be more a hindrance than a benefit. However, beards help to block up to 95% of UV radiation given off by the sun, effectively protecting the face from sunburn, cancer, and premature aging. Extensive research found this to be true of thick full beards that stretched from one side of the face to the other and trimming did not diminish the effect so long as the majority of skin remained covered with hair. For this reason alone, you stand to gain a great deal by growing yourself a beard.


Beard grooming products from Burly Fellow and similar companies allow you to effectively maintain your beard. Oils, shampoos, and pastes make it fast and simple to keep your facial hair clean, beautiful, and cleverly styled. For this reason alone, many men grew beards last year to enjoy a more mature and attractive appearance. Once grown and properly maintained, beards can improve a stranger’s perception of a man by up to 40%, which is a dramatic increase.

Less Acne

When men chose to grow beards, they quickly began to notice that they experienced fewer breakouts and ingrown hairs. Hairs grow on your face because they are meant to be there and shaving might be considered an act against the nature of the human body. By shaving your face, you help to spread the bacteria known to cause acne and you increase the chance of acne breakouts. By allowing your beard to grow, you improve the health of your skin overall and enjoy a less frustrating life. In fact, many men found they could stop using anti-acne products altogether once they grew out their beards.

Improved Perception

In one recent study, eight men purposefully shaved their beards and then grew them back. Pictures were taken before and after this process to catalogue the changes in their appearance and these pictures were then shown to 64 men and 64 women. The research found that as men’s beards grew fuller over time, the opinion of all 128 people improved and became more positive. Each man was rated as appearing to be more mature, attractive, and healthy as his beard became fuller. In short, beards act in much the same manner as makeup for women without any of the hours needed for application and maintenance.