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Our hair completes our looks. If you are bald, then it should also suit your entire look and only a few people can really look good even without any hair. Both men and women are really conscious on what hairstyle they will try and what color would be best for that hairstyle. I am a living example of someone who is just so obsessed with different kinds of hairstyles and hair colors. I started to try experimenting with my hair when I was in high school and used lots of chemicals and dyes to achieve the looks that I wanted. Now that I am a career woman and had grown older, my hair became so dry that I really need to have treatment all the time for it to look healthy. At this point, I wish I had not used a lot of hair dye before because of its effects on my hair now. The new generation is so lucky that they already have hair chalk these days. As someone who had used permanent hair color for many years, let me give you some valid reasons why you should just use hair chalk instead of the permanent hair dyes. 

Chemicals used to make hair chalk is not harmful

Hair chalk is like the usual chalk used in schools for writing on boards or creating art works, but chemicals used are more natural and do not have harmful effects on humans. If you have not tried using a permanent hair color, it could be painful at first and it really stings. If you have allergies, you will not be able to use it since it will definitely irritate your skin. Also, the smell of permanent hair dye can really hurt your nose and if you are really sensitive with smell, I don’t think you can stand it for a long time. With hair chalk, it does not smell and it does not hurt your skin when applied. You can be assured that it is even safe for kids or even pets.

You can easily remove it if you don’t want it

Since it is not a permanent color, you can easily remove it whenever you don’t want it anymore. Most of the hair chalks are washable so you can simply rinse it and the color you applied will be gone. Some hair chalks that are made of high-quality ingredients can last for a few days and you will get to enjoy the new color for a much longer time. With permanent colors, you will not be able to remove it unless you use another permanent hair dye again. That will just damage your hair more if you keep on doing that.

There are more choices and you can change as often as you want

Since hair chalk does not contain harmful chemicals, you can change hair color frequently. Another great let me give you some tips thing about hair chalk is that it has a lot of colors to choose from and these colors are not the usual hair colors that we normally see. So, if you aim for uniqueness, hair chalk is the best for you.