Your Personal Guide To Buy Jogger Pants Online

Unless you have been living under the sea hanging out with spongebob for a while, you must be familiar with and probably allured by the trend of wearing jogger pants as usual clothing. Yes. Jogger pants—the fancy name given to the comfy sweatpants you binge watch your shows in, with a tailored makeover. The trend of wearing jogger pants as normal clothing has been around since 2013,but it really struck the chord in last fall. Since then, on one hand GQ magazine has approved it for all the men out there, whereas A list models like Gigi Ha did and Kendall Jenner showed the fun isn’t exclusively for testosterone holders. Like everything in the world, jogger pants aren’t sugar and spice, everything nice. Buying the right pair can be a little tougher than imagined, and if bought online, there are fair chances of things going wrong. But fear not! Here ‘s your personal guide to buy jogger pants onlineleading you to the staircase of the fashion-heaven.

  • Refund And Chill

As finding the perfect fitting pair can be a little tricky, the first thing you should look for while shopping for jogger pants online is the refund or return policy of the e-commerce site. If the website/seller offers a convenient return policy, only then you should proceed. You know how they say -better safe than sorry!

  • The Fit

The pants should fit looser around the pelvic area, because the whole point of these pants is comfort. So have a thorough look at the size chart and make sure the pants don’t cause a cameltoe or moose knuckle. Below the waist and pelvic area, the pants should taper through the legs. From knee down they should stick to your legs like Rose stuck to the piece of wood in Titanic.

  • The Material

The quality of the fabric is very important when shopping for jogger pants. Look through the product information and make sure the fabric is either good quality cotton or a silk jersey knit. They are also available in faux leather. You might play a bit to find your preference.

  • The details

Once the fit and the material  are nailed, pay attention to finer details. For starters, you should focus more on solid blacks or greys or similar dark colours rather than prints. You definitely should look for drawstrings. Optional features might include front cargo pockets or belt loops. One golden rule you should remember while your online shopping of jogger pants is : if they don’t have elastic cuffs on the legs, you don’t buy them. Because that is the look in vogue currently.

If you look at pair and you can’t decide if they make you want to go for a run, go to the runway or go to sleep – dear friend, you have found your match. Now go ahead and rock a pair on sidewalk and in catwalk alike. May the force of Queen B be with you.

Patricia Patterson